Studio Etiquette... 

    This is your time to unplug – for your peace of mind and the safety of others, absolutely NO cellphones, apple watches, shoes, laptops, purses, or other personal items in the yoga studio.  All of that will be waiting for you after class.  Give yourself the gift of an hour without distractions. In the case of an emergency, please feel free to leave our studio phone number.

    Please leave your valuables, jewelry, eyewear, apple watches, cell phones, etc. safely locked in your car. 

We do not assume responsibility for your personal lost/stolen/damaged items. 

    Creating a calm, inspiring, and positive experience for every member of our community is important to us.

We value your acceptance, patience, non-judgement and trust in our sacred space. We appreciate your quiet whispers in the studio, and so will the others trying to settle down before class.  

     We suggest arriving 10-15 minutes before class, and no later that at least 5 minutes before class begins. In fairness to all students and instructors, when the double doors are shut - no late entries to class and no early exits.  

     We love kiddos!  However, your children are never to be left unattended in the building while you are in class.   

     New to the studio? Please arrive15 minutes prior to class start time to fill out registration and allow us to show you around so that you are comfortable in your new surroundings.      

     We recommend that you sign up for class online to reserve and secure your space in class, but it is not required.  Walk-Ins are welcome, when space is available.      

     Life happens - we understand.  If you need to cancel your reservation, please notify us at least (1) hour prior to class time. If Late Cancelled after the 1-Hour window, or a "No-Show"  the class is deducted from your account.        

     You are highly encouraged to communicate with your Yoga Instructor about any injuries/conditions that might prevent a hands-on adjustment or to alert them to your limitations or personal preferences.  We honor your space.

     Please return the props you use during class and please wipe down/disinfect your yoga mat. 

Frequently Asked Questions...



First, Welcome Love - Second, no worries - we've got you.  Stepping into a studio where you are totally new is super intimidating!  We specialize in Beginners...and we completely understand how you feel.  "Yoga is for Everyone" -  This isn't just a tagline we use.  We mean it and we're prepared to show you!  If you're uncertain about where to start - We're here to help you find what works best for YOU.  Our goal is to guide you, and to allow you to feel comfortable and at ease every step of the way.  At Tranquil Soul, YOU are family.  


Come to class hydrated and eat lightly.  For sessions that move & energize, be prepared to challenge yourself in a mindful manner – working toward your edge, without stressing or straining. For restorative sessions, prepare to relax and let go.  Let your instructor know about any injuries or concerns that may effect your practice.


Your yoga mat, water bottle, an open heart & mind, and your smile of course.   

No mat?  You can borrow one of ours...or purchase one in the boutique.  Everything else you need is here.


Clean, comfortable athletic wear that you can easily move in. Wear deodorant...Skip the perfume.  Please remove your shoes at the entry door.  Yoga is typically practiced barefoot, so your feet can stick to the mat more firmly.   


Increased strength and flexibility, decreased stress, healthy joints, improved mood, coordination, focus and more are just some of the health benefits of yoga. A regular practice will change your everyday quality of life inside and outside, in more ways than you might imagine!


Where you begin with your practice is where you will receive the most benefit and that depends on your physical ability, injuries or physical limitations, your personality, and your fitness/relaxation goals.  Tranquil Soul encourages you to try a VARIETY of classes and teachers to see what resonates with you.  We will help guide you through class types – from gentle to challenging, as well as teacher styles. Also, please check out the Class Descriptions tab for detailed class information.  



We are here for YOU!!! 

Tranquil Soul has a Front Desk Advisor on staff at all times to answer ANY questions. Feel free to contact the studio via email or phone and please don’t be shy – we love questions, your ideas, your suggestions.... and our objective is to provide you with a comfortable, authentic yoga experience.


ASANA is a yoga posture

PRANAYAMA are breathing techniques

MANTRA is a word or sound repeated to aid in concentration in meditation

MUDRA are hand positions, physical gestures that have an effect on the energy flow of the body

BANDHA is locking/contraction of muscles to focus and contain energy in specific parts of the body

SAVASANA is our final resting pose, Deep relaxation at the end of each class to integrate the practice



My soul honors your soul 

I see the light, love, truth, peace and beauty within


Because it is also within  


In sharing these things we are United

We are the Same

We are One

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