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Yoga & Meditation Retreats

Group Travel for Women

To RETREAT is the practice of
withdrawing, pausing, and listening....

"To retreat gives us time, space, and extra room to take things in.
Healing in nature, un-winding with like-minded Women,
opening to new experiences, forming
new friendships, and laughter…
Lots of laughter
It allows us time to move inward, reflect, question, 
and then,  listen to our Soul whisper our answers.

We retreat so we can pay attention to ourselves, to others, 
and to the world around us in a more open and compassionate way."

 Kim Watson  -  Studio Owner & Retreat Facilitator

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April 7 - April 12
Details Coming Soon - Be Passport ready to reserve
Join Toni & Emily for (6) Days in Paradise 
5-Star All-Inclusive Beach Yoga Retreat - Private & Shared Rooms available

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