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Private Group Parties

A Unique & Customized Private Group Event for You & Your Guests!


With meticulous attention to detail, we personally plan & customize each Private Event according to your desires, so your guests experience a Yoga Party & Social like no other!

Social includes:

Sweet Treat | Herbal Tea | Sparkling LaCroix | Bottled Water

Banquet Table & Cloth, Set Up+Clean Up, Paper Products

Supplied for your Guests:

Mats | Bolsters | Blankets | Blocks | Eye Pillows | Aromatherapy Spa Towels

Facilitated by:

Tranquil Soul Certified Professional Instructor

Simply choose your party style and request your date/time preference (See Below).  Leave the detail planning to us!  We will contact you within 24 hours to customize your party plan, provide all pertinent details, and secure your private group party reservation.    

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