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Client Reviews

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Lisa Keller

Love. Love, Love this studio ! Felt welcomed and part of the Tranquil Soul Family from day one ! All staff are highly-qualified, professional and warm-hearted. I have loved every class and all the little extras ( scented towels, tea, snacks, a quick massage during your pratice ," tuck- ins " ) that make you feel extra special !  This studio goes above and beyond for each and every client and also to its surrounding community. I recently attended a class were they raised money for Breast Cancer and also was given an opportunity to sponser a child in need for the holidays  If you are looking for a studio where you can take care of your body, mind and soul Tranquil Soul has something for everyone ! You won't be disappointed !



Jennifer  Millette

I can’t say enough about this yoga sanctuary. The energy you feel in the studio, in the classes, and as part of the community is something that can’t be manufactured. Kim and the TS Tribe are authentic and teach from their own experiences, not only as teachers but continuous students of life. They not only teach yoga, but truly live it and make it accessible, so it’s not intimidating. There are offerings for every kind of yoga seeker, from beginners to fitness based to graceful flow to restorative, and everything in between. It can be intimidating walking into a yoga studio for the very first time-even if you’re not new to yoga or studio practice-so Kim and the tribe make sure you know how welcome you are and make sure you are comfortable.



Ruth  Gerhart

It’s like a spa, studio and gift shop all rolled into one with an atmosphere relaxed enough that you aren’t intimidated, but upscale enough that it feels like you’re being pampered. Great for beginners and experienced yogis alike - I can’t wait to go back!


Patti  Mullen

I have done a Tarot card reading, a reiki session and had the distinct pleasure of being involved in a cord cutting ceremony which involved aromatherapy, sound bath, meditation, reiki energy. Although the ceremony is cutting a negative energy cord, it is restorative, relaxing, and healing. The Crystal sound bowls were amazing and I will definitely go to other events. The staff are all so warm and friendly and make you feel like family right off the bat. I love this place

Jim  Reiher

My wife got me into going to yoga. I am having a great time going on Thursday night and the instructor Toni is awesome. Really recommend this studio. Everyone is very nice & you can work at your own pace

Michelle  Sabo

Yesterday was a beautiful moment of love which filled an entire room and peaceful healing given to us by 3 amazing woman, Kim, Britt, and Patty. A week ago I reached out to Tranquil Soul Yoga & Wellness Studio about Kylie, our close friends sister/our friend who is battling cancer to see if they offered any in-home services for the Sound Bath healing, Nidra, and Reiki. I received a phone call the following day from the owner stating she would be honored to offer this to Kylie and her close family and friends. I am so blessed to have connected with them and will never forget what they did for Kylie and all of her family and friends. Last night was absolutely incredible for all of us to come together with Kylie and to share such a peaceful moment together. Can’t wait to see you all again and sign up for some classes. ❤


Lauren  W

I wish I could give this place 10 stars! I am new to the area and tried several yoga studios and was surprised to find that many play rap music and are free flowing without guidance which I am not used to. I was missing the peaceful, enlightening yoga that I know and was about to give up my search until I found Tranquil Soul. The moment I walked in I was in awe of the tranquil, immaculate studio and was immediately welcomed by Britt, co-owner, who showed me around and was instantly welcoming. The building is filled with a peaceful aroma, has several rooms, a sauna, massage room and tarrot room. I have had the privilege of taking two of Kitty's classes, who brings enlightenment, encouragement, guidance and knowledge and connects breath to movement...just what I need. I can not wait to try each instructor and every different style of yoga. A huge thank you to Traquil Soul.



Mallory  Pistek

Trust me, you cannot go wrong with this studio! Whether brand new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, this is the place for you! Warm, inviting, friendly, and calming not only describe the atmosphere but the staff and instructors as well. The sheer variety of classes make you want to keep coming back. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to all 💗


Elizabeth  Burghard

Tranquil Soul is the most perfect name for this heavenly studio because you feel yourself start to relax the moment you hit the front door. All instructors are wonderful and I look forward to trying a massage soon! So grateful to have a yoga home. ❤


Barbara  Zipsie

My daughter invited me to join her for my first ever yoga class. I’ve done the P90x yoga at home but have never been to a class before. This was one of the most relaxing things I’ve ever done. I would recommend this class to everyone who is looking for some inner peace. I slept better last night than I have in a very long time. I am looking forward to trying many of the other classes offered. Thank you to Tranquil Soul and also a big thank you to my daughter Amber Bolek for introducing me to the studio.


Igor  Alfonso

What an amazing experience, the place is magical. Once you cross those doors it feels like you were starting a peaceful trip to relaxation. Britt was an amazing teacher, after her Yoga nidra and sound healing class my wife and I slept like babies. Highly recommended!

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