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Divine Inspiration and the Healing Journey:
Kim Watson on Founding Tranquil Soul Studio

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Embarking on a transformative journey, Kim Watson shared with MysticMag the divine inspiration behind Tranquil Soul Studio, a sanctuary where dreams and intuition intertwine to create a unique wellness experience.

Watson’s vision materialized into a community bonded by love, service, and a pursuit of holistic wellness. Tranquil Soul Studio distinguishes itself through a blend of traditional and unconventional healing practices, from Reiki to sound healing, catering to the individual journey of each guest.

In conversation with MysticMag, Watson unveils a space of peace and possibility, where every visit leaves an indelible mark of calm on the soul, inviting all who enter to explore the depths of their well-being in an environment that transcends the ordinary.

What inspired the founding of Tranquil Soul Studio, and how does it differentiate itself from other wellness spaces?  

I feel Tranquil Soul Studio was divinely inspired. Close attention was given to intuitive inclinations, strong nudges, as well as visions and dreams – where guides and angels regularly communicate with me most vividly. I could literally feel the vibe, sense the community, see the physical space being built, and the downloads just kept coming and coming, absolutely refusing to be denied manifestation!

On a pilgrimage to India, during meditation in a Himalayan Temple, I finally addressed my fears and solidified my resolve to open a brick-and-mortar studio business. Tranquil Soul Studio’s vision, mission, staff, business plan, and community were conceived from a place of love and service, and it continues to grow based on those principles. Our students and our staff are family. A family of compassion and unconditional love. And within this family, we challenge one another to move beyond impossibility to possibility, and from separation to integrated, peaceful wholeness. To this day, guests who visit Tranquil Soul claim they too can feel an unexplainable “presence” of calm and peace that they’ve never experienced before.

When you know, you know.


How do you incorporate a variety of practices like Reiki, sound healing, and hypnotherapy into your holistic wellness approach?

We recognize that healthy communities consist of healthy individuals. We honor and respect that there are many approaches, conventional, as well as non-conventional, that can deliver each one of us to a state of health and overall wellness. As humans, we all respond differently, so we encourage exploration, awakening, and experiencing something new through a variety of modalities.

Many resonate with the vibrational healing of sound (crystal bowls, chimes, drums, gong) For some. energy body cleansing and the chakra re-balancing of reiki is a favored tool.  Properly guided meditations and hypnotherapy can be an exceptional gift of mental transportation when led by a visionary storyteller with a steady, calm, angelic voice and presence. Most importantly, I feel we excel at providing a safe and supportive environment where guests can come back home to themselves, time and time again.

Can you share a memorable success story from one of your clients who experienced significant benefits from your services?

In 2019, we learned of a local young lady, Kylie age 26, battling ovarian cancer. Her family and friends requested an in-home service of reiki nidra & sound healing, as Kylie was very weak and bedridden after chemotherapy and radiation. Several of us were honored to provide this offering to Kylie and her emotionally exhausted family.

I speak for the entire group when I say It was a riveting, soul-touching, exceptionally beautiful evening, palpable to all that were present – and one that I personally will never forget. We were touched by the display of love, courage, support, and even laughter that filled the entire room and surrounded sweet Kylie. Sadly, we learned of Kylie’s passing a few months later. Our hearts were forever changed as we found the power of human connection through our experience with Kylie, and pure gratitude for the opportunity to uplift and share mending moments of peace with her family and friends.


What role do community events and retreats play in your studio’s mission, and how do they enhance the wellness journey for participants?

Our daily classes consist of yoga, meditation, and pilates reforming, but our specialties can be found in our Monthly Events and Annual Retreat Offerings. Both allow our members to reflect, bond, and become AGENTS OF POSITIVE CHANGE and influence within their larger communities.

Events allow our Instructors the opportunity to showcase their gifts by honing in on their craft specialties. Our talented team facilitates events such as Outdoor Full Moon Illumination, Group Reiki Restorative, Celestial Circle Tarot, Happy Hips Workshop, EnCHANTress Sound Concert, Ethereal Cord-Cutting & Forgiveness, Spa Day Pampering, Grief Recovery, Spiritual Principals, Healthy Spine Therapy, Soul Advisor Psychic Readings, Mindful Eating, Foundations of Asana, Sisters of Intuition and more!

Retreats are sprinkled-in with our primary focus being International Group Travel and our SummerSoul SunDAY 1-day Local Retreat. We can attempt to explain the undeniable bond that organically unfolds when a group of yogis comes together to escape, explore, share, talk, laugh, rest, discover, receive, indulge, and heal…but really, that’s a bit more difficult to put into words.  Retreat Energy is best understood – when experienced!


How do you ensure that your team of practitioners remains at the forefront of their respective fields in terms of skill and knowledge?

Tranquil Soul Teachers and Practitioners are transformational leaders, well-trained, well-compensated, and genuine in their approach, providing compassionate guidance and authenticity to students in pursuit of their goals.

We have carefully selected our Family of Instructors based on the Certifications they have earned, as well as the skills they choose to continue to explore and achieve in their personal and professional lives. Our talented Practitioners lead from their hearts and embody the practice of patience, acceptance, and non-judgement…Both in the Studio, as well as within their larger communities.

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