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  • $139/month Convenient AutoPay

  • UNLIMITED GROUP CLASSES:  Yoga | Mat Pilates | Meditation

  • UNLIMITED Online Livestreams + On-Demand Videos ($49 value)

  • One Friends & Family Guest Pass per month ($28 value)

  • 10% Savings on Studio Events & Workshops

  • Annual Member Appreciation Reception 

  • Members Book Club 

  • Option to Freeze Account up to 90 Days / 1x  Per Calendar Year 

  • 3 Month Minimum Commitment / Credit Card on file


  • $89/month Convenient AutoPay

  • UNLIMITED Online Livestreams + On-Demand Videos

  • (5) In-Studio Group Classes every month

  • Renews every 30-Day Billing Cycle No Rollover

  • 3 Month Minimum Commitment / Credit Card on file


  • $69/month Convenient AutoPay

  • (4) In-Studio Group Classes every month

  • Renews every 30-Day Billing Cycle No Rollover

  • 3 Month Minimum Commitment / Credit Card on file

Package Options 

Hands Together

10 Classes $220

Woman in Lotus Pose

5 Classes  $125


1 Single Class  $28

Unlimited Pass One Month | Non Member

Our MONTHLY UNLIMITED PASS (Non-Member Option) is available to those who prefer a single One-Time Payment for Unlimited Access to all regularly scheduled In-Studio Classes.  One Single Payment; No autopay commitment. For Individual Use.  Purchase In-Studio or Call.  Pass activates the day you schedule your first class; All sales are final.  1 MONTH UNLIMITED NON-MEMBER $175

Senior (65+) and Students (HS + College) Discounts Available

JUST ASK!  Special discount prices (10% off list price) for Seniors and Students on our 1, 5, or 10-Class Passes available for purchase via phone or in-person at the Front Desk.  

Yoga Scholarship Program  

Yoga Scholarships are available to those in financial need and distress.  To apply for consideration, please submit a private request to are loved, you are supported, you've got this - and we are here to assist YOU.

Private Yoga Lessons

Private Instruction & Mentorship

Each Private Lesson is all about YOU - your pace, your goals, your questions, your schedule. Clear explanations and patient instruction to effectively learn the basics, take your practice to the next level, address safe alignment techniques and proper modifications, or simply address your unique needs.  Our skilled, experienced and Certified Yoga Instructors work with you to build a strong, safe foundation in your yoga and meditation practice and to enhance mindful well-being in your yoga lifestyle.    

Single Private 60-Minute Session $85

Packages available upon request


Morning Yoga - All Level

Woman in Lotus Pose

Encourage the blissful ENERGY of the mind/body/soul connection by embracing your morning practice with movement!  This is an All-Levels Hatha and Flow Class with emphasis on proper alignment.  Instructor will offer options for modifications & variations liberally; class ends with soothing Savasana.  

Yoga Tone

yoga scupt2_edited.jpg

 A steady, calm morning hatha practice (with optional light sculpt hand weights) to allow your muscles to strengthen/tone, your mind to detox, and your day to unfold with centered ease and grace. Variations and modifications will be given throughout the class so students can find their level of challenge, as well as comfort.  Class ends with soothing savasana and aromatherapy spa towels.

Gentle Yoga


A sweet and gentle approach to your yoga practice. We will move through various postures with a sense of ease and grace, enjoying a shift of conscious awareness. Class is performed at a slower pace, with less intense positions, and usually includes extended time for meditation, yogic breath work, and relaxation. Class includes more warm up movements, the yoga postures are often held for longer times, and session concludes with our signature aromatherapy towels.

Fusion 20.20.20

yoga sculpt.jpg

The perfect morning energy hybrid class:

  • 20 min mat pilates to activate your core,

  • 20 min sculpt with light hand weights to tone,

  • 20 min deep stretching yoga to cool down

Class is open to all-levels, beginners to experienced, as modifications and variations will be offered throughout the session.  For your convenience, all props and hand weights provided for you In-Studio.  

Mindful Yoga


Breathe deeply and savor mindful hatha yoga postures as we focus on the most essential yoga poses for creating openness, inner peace, and healing from the inside out. Followed by guided meditations to balance & center the mind, body & emotions.  Modifications and variations provided liberally so Beginners to Experienced yogis can find their comfort level.

Mat Pilates + Yoga

melissa pilates.JPG

A blend of mat pilates + hatha yoga; the perfect hybrid balance for building strength and flexibility. If you're seeking a mindful, low impact session, then this class is for you. Our Certified Pilates/Yoga Instructor, will beautifully orchestrate the core-firming benefits of pilates with the mind/body connection of yoga. Pilate Rings & Ball Props are provided at the Studio for your convenience. Class is open to all-levels, beginners to experienced, and ends with soothing savasana relaxation.

SlowFlow & Deep Stretch


Led with calm, encouraging guidance this session allows you to slow down and savor your yoga flow with extended holds, to grow strength and stamina, followed by yin deep stretches for flexibility and focus. You’ll immediately notice more open hips, buttery muscles and a major mind detox. Modifications and variations provided throughout the practice - All Levels of experience from beginners to experienced are welcome and encouraged as modifications/variations will be provided.  

 Yoga Reset


Press the RESET button!  Relax, let go of compressed energy, create openness, refresh your state of mind, and savor the calm vibes of subtle yoga, restorative postures, and sweet reflection. This practice allows the energy/rest RESET you need to carry on into the remainder of your day.  Beginners to All-Levels are welcome and encouraged.

SlowFlow Yoga

Hands Together

SlowFlow Yoga with attention on alignment and breathwork, to create a blend that builds both strength and stamina in the body - as well as calmness in the mind.  Class is designed for all levels of experience; as variations and modifications are provided.  Class ends with soothing savasana relaxation.

Nidra Meditation & Crystal Sound Healing

crystal sound bath.JPG

 This deep healing session gently heals each layer of your body, mind, and spirit in need of re-balance, with the total focus being on YOU and your absolute comfort with gentle to minimal movement.  Class will consist of several floor-based, gentle and restorative yoga postures (including the use of bolsters, blocks, pillows, blankets), Inner Peace Nidra Guided Meditation for deep healing rest, and singing crystal bowl sound therapy.  Notes of the crystal bowls are tuned to specific frequencies found within the human body - penetrating into our very cells to assist with re-balance. Dress in warm, comfy clothing. No prior yoga experience necessary. 

YIN Reset


YIN Reset is a deeply healing and meditative form of yoga that targets flexibility, relaxation & change at the deepest level. Gentle stretching and passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body - think hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine - supported with bolsters and props while gravity deepens each stretch.  Each yin posture will be held for 4 - 5 minutes; enough time to release stagnation within the fascia, refine subtleties of the breath, quiet the mind and improve mobility and flexibility.   Suitable for Beginners, and those seeking enhanced flexibility, energetic balance, and mental calm.  Ahhhhh - Sweet Surrender...Just Breathe Yin!  

Yin & Yoga


Led with calm, encouraging guidance YIN & YOGA allows you to slow down and savor carefully orchestrated alignment-based Hatha yoga postures, flow, and extended holds for strength and stamina.  Followed by yin deep stretches for flexibility and focus. Modifications and variations provided throughout the practice.  All Levels of experience from beginners to experienced are welcome and encouraged.  

Stress Relief  Restorative

Yoga with Props

Class focuses on gentle and restorative yoga postures and relaxation practices particularly effective for promoting stress and tension release.  

Your Guide will help induce feelings of release in the body, and assist the mind to a meditative state.  Class concludes with final relaxation to ground your renewed spirit and calm energy.

Gentle Soul Yoga & Sound Healing

Meditation Class

Spiritual nuggets, high vibrational affirmations and a sweet slow gentle yoga practice, sprinkled with mudras, mantras and breath work.  Class is guided in a meditative atmosphere, encouraging the zenful spiritual connection of mind, body, and emotions with smooth transitions from yoga pose to yoga pose.  Beginners as well as experienced yogis welcome & encouraged. Class concludes with final relaxation, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing & Savasana.

SHINE ONLINE Yoga - Members Only

Britt Online Studio.jpg

Shine Online Yoga with is broadcast Facebook Live from sunny South Carolina (Britt) and Florida (Melissa) on the 1st & 3rd Thursday mornings of the month and available for future video viewing in Tranquil Soul's Private Online Membership.   Shine Online is a 45-Minute All-Levels Practice of mind & body morning rituals which emphasize flexibility, breathing, balance, and relaxation.  This class is available to Tranquil Soul Studio Legacy, Unlimited, and Elite MEMBERS ONLY.  

Vinyasa Flow

Practicing Yoga

Vinyasa Flow: one breath, one movement yoga to rev up your morning metabolism, and get your body in the flow! Challenge yourself and watch your practice grow - Your muscles will strengthen and lengthen, your mind will detox, and your day will unfold with ease and grace. Variations and modifications will be given throughout the class so experienced students, as well as students working on their flow, can find their level of challenge and comfort. Session closes with soothing Savasana to cool down and balance your new energy for the day ahead.


Reservations Required

All Classes Begin + End On Time  |  No Late Entry to Avoid Guest Disruption 


2-Hour Early Cancel Required | Late Cancel No Show Fee $10 | Max of (18) Guests per Class 

Strict 24-Hour Cancellation Required or forfeit reserved session | Max of (4) Guests per Training


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