Zen Yoga in the Garden

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OUTDOOR Zen Yoga in the Garden Sessions held at a Private Mokena Location - Poolside in the Garden, Shaded Area, Weather Permitting.  Class includes cool peppermint spa towels and fruit - infused spring water.  


Private Location & details disclosed via text message after Pre-Registration is complete.  


Yoga Sculpt + Tone

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The perfect morning blend of cardio to awaken, lite hand weights to sculpt, and yoga to cool down.  High vibes, laughter, and fun music to begin your day energized and revitalized!  Class is open to all-levels, beginners to experienced, as modifications and variations will be offered throughout the session.  For your convenience, all props and hand weights provided for you In-Studio.  Please wear your sneakers and bring your water bottle too! 

Chakra Yoga & Aromatherapy 

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While we can't physically "see" our (7) main energy chakras (spinning energy centers, portals between the inner and outer worlds, non-anatomical; stacked from the base of the spine to the top of the head) just like our emotions, we can certainly "feel" how their balances and imbalances impact our mental and physical wellbeing.

Chakra Yoga will introduce each of the chakras through traditional hatha yoga postures, meditations, crystals, bija mantras, colors, and aromatherapy (essential oils) to create a sense of balance and energy clearing.  Session concludes with deep relaxation, savasana.  

Morning Bliss Yoga

Woman in Lotus Pose

Encourage the blissful energy of the mind/body/soul connection by embracing your morning practice!  With emphasis on proper alignment, Instructor will offer options for modifications & variations liberally, making this class attainable for All-Levels.  

Crystal Restorative + Sound Bath

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Comfort rituals, peaceful intentions, and plenty of mellow vibes as this Restorative Session bathes you in the healing vibrations of the Crystal Bowls.  Session includes crystal gem of your choice, Crystal Meditations, Resting Postures with pillows and blankets supplied in-studio and, of course, our signature warm aromatherapy spa towels.

Mindful Yoga


Breathe deeply and savor mindful movements as we focus on the most essential yoga poses for creating openness, inner peace, and healing from the inside out. Followed by guided meditations to balance & center the mind, body & emotions.  Modifications and variations provided liberally so Beginners to Experienced yogis can find their comfort level.

Soothe Yoga & Aromatherapy


SOOTHE YOGA to focus on postures that relieve excess tension from the body, soothe the central nervous system, and calm the mind.
AROMATHERAPY to compliment soothing yoga, our Instructor will invite you to discover, sample, and enjoy a different Essential Oil each week.  Session includes soft music, guided meditations, and our signature aromatherapy towels to "Soothe your Soul" towels.

Gentle Pi-Yo (Pilates + Yoga)

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Gentle PiYo is a blend of mat pilates + hatha yoga; the perfect hybrid balance of strength and flexibility.  If you're seeking a mindful, low impact session, then this class is for you.   Our Certified PiYo Instructor, Lisa, will beautifully orchestrate the core-firming benefits of pilates with the mind/body connection of yoga.   Class is open to all-levels, beginners to experienced, and ends with soothing relaxation. 

Core Fusion Flow

Practicing Yoga

Fire up your metabolism! Pilates moves, followed by a Core-Strengthening Yoga Flow Sequence.  This practice guarantees to challenge and fire-up your powerhouse! Session concludes with a relaxing savasana to calm the physical body as well as the mental mind.

Sweet Surrender Yin


YIN is a deeply healing and meditative form of yoga that targets flexibility & change at the deepest level. Deep stretching and passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body - think hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine - supported with bolsters and props while gravity deepens each stretch.  Each yin posture will be held for 4 - 5 minutes; enough time to release stagnation within the fascia, refine subtleties of the breath, quiet the mind and improve mobility and flexibility.   Suitable for Beginners, and those seeking enhanced flexibility, energetic balance, and mental calm.  Ahhhhh - Sweet Surrender...Just Breathe Yin!  

Cardio, Core & More

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Emphasis on fun upbeat cardio moves, sculpt and core strength, and the powerful yoga mind/body connection. Instructor will incorporate props such as sculpt handweights and pilates rings (provided at Studio) .  Many modifications & variations offered through the session - making this class challenging, yet attainable for every level of fitness.  Class concludes with final relaxation, Savasana.  PLEASE WEAR GYM SHOES & BRING WATERBOTTLE

Yoga Nidra & Crystal Sound Healing

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 This deep healing session gently heals each layer of your body, mind, and spirit in need of re-balance, with the total focus being on YOU and your absolute comfort with gentle to minimal movement.  Class will consist of several floor-based, gentle and restorative yoga postures (including the use of bolsters, blocks, pillows, blankets), Inner Peace Nidra Guided Meditation for deep healing rest, and singing crystal bowl sound therapy.  Notes of the crystal bowls are tuned to specific frequencies found within the human body - penetrating into our very cells to assist with re-balance. Dress in warm, comfy clothing. No prior yoga experience necessary. 

Vinyasa & Yin 


The perfect combination of Vinyasa MOVEMENT & Yin Deep Stretch STILLNESS.  Class begins with vinyasa yoga - linking one posture to the next in a dance-like flow, using the breath to move from pose to pose.  Next, the stillness of Yin - where the poses are practiced lying down or sitting on the floor, supported by bolsters, you can expect deep stretching: forward bends, twists, hip openers, and/or shoulder openers.  As class concludes, you’ll immediately notice more open hips, buttery muscles and a major mind detox.  

Pilates Fusion

A dynamic fusion of core strengthening mat pilates and yoga postures!  Instructor may incorporate props such as:  Pilates Rings, Core Balls, and 2-3lb Light Hand Weights.  (All props provided for you at the Studio!)  Attainable for all levels of experience.  Class concludes with soothing relaxation. 

YogaFlow & Rest


A practice to both Uplift... and Relax you!

Beginning with a steady, nourishing hatha slow flow to rejuvenate, and ending with restorative yoga poses to nurture and calm your soul. A well rounded, best of both worlds' yoga practice to bring you to your steady, balanced Self.  Excellent choice for Beginners to All Levels of experience.  

Stress Relief  Yoga & CBD Tea


When it comes to STRESS RELIEF, not all yoga poses are created equal. Some postures are particularly effective for promoting tension release.  This class will focus on those very yoga poses & practices.

Your Guide will lead you to tension relief with controlled expansion and contraction movements, help induce feelings of release in the body, and assist the mind to a meditative state.  Class concludes with final relaxation and Organic Herbal CBD Tea to ground your renewed spirit and calm energy.  

Rise YogaFlow


Get your body moving in a steady, calm morning hatha flow.  Your muscles will strengthen, your mind will detox, and your day will unfold with centered ease and grace. Variations and modifications will be given throughout the class so experienced students, as well as students working on their flow, can find their level of challenge and comfort. 

Soothe Yoga & Sound Vibes


Allow yourself to be fully present in the moment with mindful hatha yoga postures to encourage the release of stagnant energy accumulated from the day, creating a centered, whole, balanced mind - body experience.   In preparation for a peaceful nights rest, Soothe Yoga  will conclude with 20 minutes of vibrational sound healing therapy and savasana.   

Gentle Soul Yoga

Meditation Class

Spiritual nuggets, high vibrational affirmations and a sweet slow gentle yoga practice, sprinkled with mudras, mantras and breath work.  Class is guided in a meditative atmosphere, encouraging the zenful spiritual connection of mind, body, and emotions with smooth transitions from yoga pose to yoga pose.  Beginners as well as experienced yogis welcome & encouraged. Class concludes with final relaxation, Savasana.

Yin & Yoga


Led with calm, encouraging guidance YIN & YOGA allows you to slow down and savor carefully orchestrated alignment-based Hatha yoga postures, flow, and extended holds for strength and stamina.  Followed by yin deep stretches for flexibility and focus. Modifications and variations provided throughout the practice.  All Levels of experience from beginners to experienced are welcome and encouraged.  

Calm Buddha Restorative

spa night.jpg

Experience deep rest and comfort.  As you settle into the Studio, soft candlelight and soothing music invite you to your calm center.  This meditative class is comprised of floor-based restorative postures supported with pillows/blankets and guided meditations to enhance inner peace and relaxation. 


Session concludes with Organic Calm Buddha Blend Tea as well as our signature aromatherapy spa towels.  

 Relax & RESET Yoga


Give in to the craving for a pause in your busy day - Press the RESET button!  Relax, let go of compressed energy, create openness, refresh your state of mind, and savor the calm vibes of subtle yoga, restorative postures, and sweet reflection. This practice allows the energy/rest RESET you need to carry on into the remainder of your day.  Beginners to All-Levels are welcome and encouraged.

Sunday Serenity Restorative 


Sunday evening Serenity to unwind, ground and center as you prepare for the week ahead.   Unify your mind, body, and soul with guided meditations, soft music and restorative yoga.  Beginners to All Levels are welcome and encouraged.

Restorative Tibetan Sound Therapy  


Accompanied by the sweet calming sound therapy of the singing Tibetan Bowls - Restorative Yoga postures are taught in a meditative atmosphere, encouraging the blissful mind/body connection.  Emphasis on your absolute comfort with plenty of blankets, bolsters, pillows & props - making this class attainable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners.  Attention on breathwork (Pranayama) as well. Class concludes with final relaxation, Savasana.  Bring on the ZEN!

Yoga at The Wall

yoga at the wall.jpg

From opening the body to stabilizing a pose, there are many ways the wall, and various props, can assist you in your yoga practice! Using the wall as a tool through various yoga postures and props, Yoga at The Wall provides resistance and support in order to build core awareness, confidence and strength. This class is excellent for students of all levels as it explores the foundation of each posture for ideal alignment. and views the wall as your friend as you lean on it, and align yourself with it.